Your First Visit

Free Recall Visits Until You Are Ready

Your First Visit with Poremba Orthodontics

It’s never too early to visit an orthodontist. Most children should be seen when their upper and lower front teeth are erupting around the age of seven. Most children are not actually ready for any orthodontic treatment at this age. However, at the initial exam we can give you an idea what to expect in the future. Even if it is several years before treatment is needed, coming in early and following up with periodic recall visits allows us to monitor growth, dental development, and the child’s personality. There is no charge for recall visits. When a patient who is on recall is ready to start orthodontic treatment, a diagnostic records appointment will be scheduled.

1 Initial Exam


Buena Vista, Salida
45 Minutes

  • Thorough orthodontic examination by Dr. Poremba
  • Discussion regarding existing problems and potential treatment options

Questions we will answer:

  • Are there any orthodontic problems or concerns that should be addressed?
  • Is treatment needed immediately or should it be delayed until a later time?
  • What type of treatment options are available?
  • Are there any teeth that should be removed?
  • How long will treatment take?
  • How much will treatment cost?
  • What payment options are available?

Typically most of these general questions can be answered during the initial examination and consultation; however, more specific questions frequently cannot be answered until careful analysis of the diagnostic records (see below) has been completed. It is important to analyze each patient’s specific needs in order to determine an appropriate treatment plan to get the best possible results.

Please fill out our Health History form online before you come in.

2 Schedule Your Free Recall Visit


It’s never too early to visit an orthodontist. Most children are not ready for treatment at their initial exam, this is normal. Even if it’s years before treatment, coming in early allows us to watch growth and dental development and start your treatment at just the right time. After your initial exam, we will start scheduling free recall visits until you are actually ready for treatment. Once you are ready, we will start your treatment by scheduling your diagnostic records appointment.

Fee: FREE – There is never a fee for recall visits.

3 Diagnostics Records


Please call for more information.
30 – 40 Minutes

  • 3D Dental Scan – for digital diagnostic study models
  • Panoramic X-Rays – to evaluate the teeth and their roots
  • Cephalometric X-Rays – to evaluate the jaws and skeletal relationships
  • Facial and Dental Photographs – to evaluate facial appearance and soft tissue